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At Kongming Media we just don’t focus on a specific brand of marketing but rather the unique and innovative ones. Kongming Media is split up into two divisions, services and business. The business division is responsible in bringing “great ideas” into life and making sure everyone is able to utilize and enjoy this “great idea”. The Services Division is the branch that helps Kongming Media’s clients on various services including but not limited to Brand Management, Creative Services, Web Development, Online Marketing, Public Relations, Creative Management and Social Media Networking.

For our services please check below for description of each type we offer:

Caramel Dream

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  • Brand Management
  • Creative Services
  • Web Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Public Relationsw
  • Creative Management
  • Social Media Networking


Ask yourself these questions while you explore the possibility of becoming a client of ours:

 What could your company accomplish with more exposure to the right people?

 How can social media affect your business?

 Could your business benefit with a better image or brand?

 Would you like your website to produce more revenue for your business?


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Businesses today need the sharpest and updated info when it comes to introducing products to their demographics. We here at Kongming Media know how important it is to make sure our clients have the latest trends and info when it comes to their marketing. May it be business re-organization or marketing direction being changed, we can help you guide your business on the right path. It is the “Strategist” in us.