In the last few years, the internet has grown so fast that the reaches of someone from one country can access a site of another country. This reaches has its benefits and disadvantages. Recently this disadvantage can been seen through many sites that include social media commenting. Especially sites built on WordPress or Joomla platforms. Many of these sites have the need for extensive modules or plugins that help against spam. These spams are no longer pointless random writings of another topic that doesn’t pertain to your site. These are actual posters who write favorable or unfavorable comments about the sites products or services. It is interesting that many of these posters are now based in China or overseas. Because of these posters, Internet Water Mercenaries, they are more of a tool then a nuisance in some regards as they are willing to become the indirect PR to the company’s services of products. This isn’t the first time there was a case of fake reviews being done in today’s review friendly internet. Yelp has become one of the targets of fake review accusations as ¬†they are bombarded by establishments using paid reviews to make themselves look good. But at least Yelp is doing something about it as they are public shamming these establishments.

One of the best advice is to make sure you have the proper spam filters on (i.e. plugins etc) and just review the comments made. It is important to check out the IP or (Internet Protocol) address of these commentators who are actually spamming. Once you have their IP addresses you will be able to ban or restrict them from seeing your site again or even commenting again.

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